Tuesday, October 4 2022


Average:(average: 3.6 out of 5. Total: 5)


  1. Both sides have strong convictions/beliefs. But only one is Right! FREEDOM! Fun and Funny. Mind opening peaceful. See our differences that we can come to a understanding to what is right to keep our FREEDOM!!!

  2. Saw half of this play before going to the bathroom and blacking out from all the triggering the play was doing to all the libs in the audience. When I woke up it was a couple months later but the toilet that I had been sitting on the whole time had clearly been used multiple times while I was there. I really liked the part where the proud boys all stripped nude and went to town on each other, it really put into perspective the issues we face as a society and that partisan politics are not the way to go. Looking forward to see more from the guy who wrote this because he also sold me a bag of coke before the show.

  3. Interesting concept. I enjoyed the dynamic around the relationship between Kayla and Bent as they realized how similar they were while having different opinions on politics. The internet troll character absolutely illustrates how social media influences people. This was our first workshop theater and thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially Jackson. Showing my bias. Nice work all!

  4. Thought provoking. It really made me reconsider my liberal lifestyle. Guess conservatives are just cooler. Currently burning all of my copies of the communist manifesto. Marx never accounted for this!


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