Thursday, April 18 2024

The play follows Kayla, a student at fictitious Eugene State College in Oregon, on her journey of political discovery amid the social tensions of 2019. When Trump’s announced to speak at Eugene State, Kayla is interested in becoming involved with more than middle-of-the-road politics and meets a cute boy who encourages her to do so. She starts attending Nationalist meetings, although she never sees the boy there despite his promise to show up. The Nationalists send Kayla to spy on ANTIFA as an undercover member. At the ANTIFA meeting, she finds the boy, Bent, and realizes she initially misunderstood him.

Kayla continues to struggle to determine what is right as she further investigates each side. Tensions rise between the two political extremes and come to a head when ANTIFA attempts to topple The Pioneer Mother, a statue on campus, and the Nationalists resist.

While all the characters are heavily influenced by Internet Troll, he has less power over Kayla who finally achieves freedom of thought after identifying truth. As a free thinker, Kayla picks a side.

Cartoon 2